Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

With around 950 million users and being the second-most visited website, Facebook offers companies an extensive pool of potential consumers worldwide. It’s a powerful marketing tool to scatter a broad message to the masses or laser focus on an ultra-specific demographic with equal ease. Still, thousands of businesses fail to take advantage of the rich features and clever bidding system of Facebook advertising and make it work for them. Facebook advertising isn’t a mystery, but your number one marketing tool for sales, acquisition, and lead nurture, if managed with the right technology and expertise.

Why use Facebook advertising services?

  • Access the largest (and one of the most active) social media networks
  • Get competitive cost-per-click (CPC) rates
  • Create hyper-targeted ads to reach your target audience
  • Earn qualified leads
  • Use remarketing ads to re-connect with website visitors
  • Reach 1000 people in your target audience for $1
  • Direct valuable traffic from social media to your website

About the Author

Md Masud Monsur

Digital Marketing Consultant. Expert on SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PPC Ads & Brand Promoting