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Reduce Your Blog Alexa Rank Easily

Hi Guys, how are you all? I am fine. Hope you’re also fine. Today, I am going to discuss with you how to reduce the Alexa rank of a website or blog by Free website traffic to your site!. Google’s Page Rank is not updated for nearly last three years. So many online marketers do not see the Page Rank anymore, they look at the Alexa Rank. And there are also some updates to the Ad Network that Alexa Rank does not have to be so much, publishers cannot monetize their blog, etc. Again, some of the Ad Networks (CPV) pay attention to the view. If their ad is displayed 1 thousand times 1-3 $.

Let’s see what the system is really about. It is basically the traffic exchange that the traffic exchange was extremely surprising. What will be your thinking on? Please go to this website at 10khits to register first. Then, you see the website on the left side and add your website. According to points, you will find the visitor. If your blog sees users 10-30 seconds, then you will be spending 1-3 points.

 Free website traffic to your site!

Way to earn points by website traffic to your site!

You can do it with a web browser and can do with 10khits software. To earn points, click Surf Now from the left side. This time the website of each person will be shown. And your point will be added there. It’s not obligatory to see the tab. You just keep tabs on after that you can continue your other work. And you do not need to think of 10khits. But the tab cannot be closed. You will see the 10khits website, and they will tell to download the software. Then, log in from the software. Click the Surf Now button and minimize the software. This time you do your other work. If you earn points, visitors will go to auto on your blog, and you will not have to do anything.

Stay up to date everybody, stay good healthy. Good luck to everyone. If our posts are minimized and benefited, do not forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. If someone has any problem, please tell the comment. I will try to solve Liked on our page to get the latest updates online. Or can you let me know on email.

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